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My Playlist: Jarvis Church shares his favourite music

Carole Warren

Jarvis Church has worn a lot of different hats in his career and this week he adds radio show host to that list. As per usual, Church hits it out of the park.

Jarvis Church, a.k.a. Gerald Eaton, was born in Jamaica. He is probably best known for discovering Nelly Furtado and co-producing her album Whoa, Nelly! with fellow Philosopher Kings bandmate, Brian West. The duo were nominated for a Grammy award for their work in 2001.

Church also discovered Canadian/Somalian rapper, K’naan and he wrote and co-produced K’naan’s first two albums, including the Juno award-winning The Dusty Foot Philosopher.

But Church started off as lead singer for the soul-based pop band The Philosopher Kings and singing is still what he loves to do best.

Currently, he is working on a series of recordings celebrating some of the most iconic soul singers in music history. Together with his crackerjack band, The Soul Station, he has already released two albums: The Songs of Sam Cooke - a tribute and The Songs of Curtis Mayfield - a tribute.

His playlist includes tracks by Sam Cooke, Gowan, Curtis Mayfield, K’naan, Nelly Furtado and Barenaked Ladies.

My Playlist is heard on Radio 2 on Sundays at 3:00 pm and again on the following Wednesday at 7:00 pm (7:30 pm NL)

My Playlist with Jarvis Church

Producer and vocalist, Jarvis Church shares his favourite music on My Playlist.