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The Radio 2 Top 20: Passenger hitches a ride into the top three on the chart

Pete Morey

This week on the The Radio 2 Top 20 the singing twins Tegan and Sara are seeing double. It is their second week at number one with the song "I Was A Fool."

After dropping right off the chart a couple of weeks ago, your votes have brought Dallas Green, A.K.A City and Colour, back into the Top 20 with "Of Space and Time." The song starts off with lyrics including one of our favourite collective animal groupings: a murder of crows!

And Mike Rosenberg, A.K.A Passenger, has topped the chart in sixteen different countries with his song "Let Her Go" and now he has his eye on the Radio 2 Top 20. This week he climbs to number three.

The chart

1. Tegan & Sara, "I Was A Fool" (second week at #1)

2. Serena Ryder, "What I Wouldn't Do" (up one)

3. Passenger, "Let Her Go" (up two)

4. Mumford & Sons, "Lover of the Light" (down two)

5. Wake Owl, "Wild Country" (up three)

6. Donovan Woods, "Put On, Cologne" (down two)

7. Lauren Mann, "Weight Of The World" (down one: most online votes)

8. Fitz & the Tantrums, "Out of my League" (up four)

9. Raine Maida, "Montreal" (up five: This week's hot shooter)

10. Lindy, "On My Way Back Home" (down three)

11. Of Monsters and Men, "King and Lionheart" (down one)

12. Frank Turner, "Recovery" (up one)

13. The Mowgli's, "San Francisco" (down two)

14. Boy, "Little Numbers" (up one)

15. David Myles, "Maureen" (up two)

16. The Lumineers, "Stubborn Love" (same)

17. Half Moon Run, "Full Circle" (down six)

18. Iron and Wine, "The Desert Babbler" (re-entry)

19. Jake Bugg, "Lightning Bolt" (down four)

20. City and Colour, "Of Space and Time" (re-entry)

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