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The Radio 2 Top 20: Phillip Phillips makes it to number 1

Pete Morey

After a four-week reign at the top of the chart (sorry, couldn't help it), Raine Maida surrenders the crown to U.S. singer-songwriter Phillip Phillips and his tune "Gone, Gone, Gone."

And coming in close on his coattails is Canadian songstress and former Radio 2 Top 20 queen Serena Ryder. Her track "What I Wouldn't Do" is up seven spots this week, to number two.

The chart

1. Phillip Phillips, "Gone Gone Gone" (up four)

2. Serena Ryder, "What I Wouldn't Do" (up seven)

3. The Lumineers, "Stubborn Love" (down one)

4. Raine Maida, "Montreal" (down three)

5. Donovan Woods, "Put On, Cologne" (down one)

6. Mumford & Sons, "Lover of the Light" (down three)

7. Whitehorse, "Devil's Got a Gun" (down one)

8. The Grapes of Wrath, "Isn't There" (same — most online votes)

9. Jenn Grant, "I've Got Your Fire" (down two)

10. Walk Off the Earth, "Red Hands" (same)

11. Lindy, "On My Way Back Home" (new entry — highest debut)

12. The Mowgli's, "San Francisco" (up one)

13. The Avett Brothers, "February Seven" (up two)

14. Of Monsters and Men, "King and Lionheart" (same)

15. Fitz & the Tantrums, "Out of my League" (up two)

16. Boy, "Little Numbers" (up three)

17. Danny Michel, "Into the Light" (re-entry)

18. Frank Turner, "Recovery" (new entry)

19. The Wilderness of Manitoba, "A Year in its Passing" (new entry)

20. Iron and Wine, "The Desert Babbler" (new entry)

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