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Watch Courtney Barnett in the House of Strombo

Editorial Staff
The Strombo Show, June 5, 2016

Listen to the June 5, 2016, episode of the Strombo Show.


The Strombo Show ran the gamut this Sunday night, keeping the spirit of radio alive by delivering the best records in the best order. It's a show for music lovers by music lovers, ranging over three hours of commercial-free music to honour both old and new.

Courtney Barnett, the Grammy-nominated Australian garage-rocker, continues to earn infinite praise for her debut release, Sometimes I Sit and Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit. It is a powerful punch of slacker noise with verbose lyrics, which producer Butch Vig has compared to the songwriting style of Bob Dylan. With an acoustic in tow, Barnett visits the House to perform a few cuts off the record, cover the Lemonheads and dig through her personal record collection.

Moby achieved household vocabulary with his fifth studio album, Play, when he was broke and contemplating a move back home. With his memoir, Porcelain, he remembers his metamorphosis as it aligns with New York, starting as a sober Christian and ending in "a very different place." He writes of panic, self-loathing and the choice to stay sober, the contemplation surrounding an album flop and the death of his mother. Moby visits the House of Strombo to explored life before Play, struggles with relevance, conversations between Run DMC and Hillary Clinton, his latest ambient release, an upcoming album the current state of affairs toward Eminem, Neil Young, Aphex Twin, misogyny, homophobia, performing for Miles Davis and his moment with Donald Trump.

Also, we premiered some tunage from Toronto's noiseniks Odonis Odonis, neo-soul songwriter Zaki Ibrahim and psychedelic neo-classical U.K. folk-rock group Moulettes.


Johnny Wakelin, "In Zaire"
Ria Mae, "Clothes Off"
Green Day, "When I Come Around"
Moulettes, "Patterns"
The Avalanches, "Frankie Sinatra"
Little Willie John, "There's A Difference"
Courtney Barnett, "Pedestrian At Best"
Courtney Barnett, "Dead Fox (Strombo Session)"
Courtney Barnett, "Nobody Really Cares If You Don't Go To The Party (Strombo Session)"
Courtney Barnett, "Paid To Smile (The Lemonheads Cover) (Strombo Session)"
The Go-Betweens, "Streets Of Your Town"
John Prine, "Grandpa Was A Carpenter"
Radiohead, "Daydreaming"
Radiohead, "My Iron Lung"
Tourist, "To Have You Back"
Daniel Wilson, "Wedding Daze"
Kris Orlowski, "Enough"
Yeah Yeah Yeahs, "Sheena Is A Punk Rocker"
Ramones, "53rd And 3rd"
Blondie, "One Way Or Another"
DJ Shadow, "Blood On The Motorway"
DJ Shadow & Run The Jewels, "Nobody Speak"
A Tribe Called Red, "Stadium Pow Wow"
Jessy Lanza, "It Means I Love You"
Dolly Parton, "I Will Always Love You"
Kenny Rogers, "The Gambler"
Zaki Ibrahim, "Do The Thing Right"
Tom Waits, "Downtown Train"
Psychedelic Furs, "Pretty In Pink"
Odonis Odonis, "PENCILS (Ft. Kathryn Calder"
Iron Maiden, "Running Free"
Operation Ivy, "Room Without A Window"
Ozzy Osbourne, "Bark at the Moon"
Moby, "Porcelain"
Moby, "Natural Blues"
Miles Davis, "So What"
Kate Bush, "This Woman's Work"
Cat Power, "The Greatest"

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