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The Radio 2 Top 20: Raine Maida the second Canadian ever at number 1

Nana aba Duncan

It's only the second Canadian song to reach number one on the chart. Raine Maida's "Montreal" leapfrogged two notches, right past Whitehorse, and into the top spot.

And the very first Canadian ever to make it to number one on the Radio 2 Top 20, Serena Ryder, is back this week with a new track, "What I Wouldn't Do," debuting at number 15!

The chart

1. Raine Maida, "Montreal" (up 3)

2. Whitehorse, "Devil's Got a Gun" (same)

3. The Lumineers, "Stubborn Love" (down 2)

4. Mumford & Sons, "Lover of the Light" (same)

5. Walk Off the Earth, "Red Hands" (up 3)

6. Phillip Phillips, "Gone Gone Gone" (same)

7. Jenn Grant, "I've Got Your Fire" (up 2)

8. Luke Nicholson, "Just Fell Down" (down 1)

9. Christina Martin, "Falling For You" (up 1 - most online votes)

10. Kate Rogers Band, "Contender" (up 1)

11. Family of the Year, "Hero" (up 1)

12. Justin Rutledge, "Out of the Woods" (up 4)

13. K'naan, "Hurt Me Tomorrow" (up 1)

14. Of Monsters and Men, "King and Lionheart" (down 1)

15. Serena Ryder, "What I Wouldn't Do" (new entry)

16. The Avett Brothers, "February Seven" (down 1)

17. Dido, "No Freedom" (same)

18. Churchill, "Change" (re-entry)

19. Heathers, "Forget Me Knots" (down 1)

20. David Bowie, "The Stars (Are Out Tonight)" (down 1)

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