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Neko Case and Northcote visit the House of Strombo

Editorial Staff
The Strombo Show, November 15, 2015

Listen to the November 15, 2015 episode of the Strombo Show. 


The Strombo Show runs the gamut this Sunday night, keeping the spirit of radio alive by delivering the best records in the best order. It's a show for music lovers by music lovers, ranging over three hours of commercial-free music to honour both old and new.

George Stroumboulopoulos will be joined by Neko Case and Northcote for intimate performances and conversations to celebrate music. 

Neko Case is a singer-songwriter, a band member from the group the New Pornographers, and a master interpreter of song. She visits the House to celebrate her retrospective on wax: Truckdriver, Gladiator, Mule. She exclusively performs an acoustic tune and discusses her childhood transition to finding herself in music, from Dag Nasty to the school of Pops Staples. 

Northcote discovered punk through Canadian troubadours Propagandhi while he was enrolled in a theology school. After his post-hardcore group Means disbanded, he shaped his brand of folk sound and earned respect from his idols like Chuck Ragan. Northcote celebrates his origins and delivers six-string serenades off his latest release, Hope is Made of Steel.

Also, George welcomes the writer/directors of HUM, a film that explores how music transcends hardships and communication loss from dementia. Both Philip Leung and Jerome Skeete will dive into their script and the connecting power of music.

You know the drill: Lock it. Crank it. Join the collective!  

Magnificent seven

Deerhunter, "Snakeskin"
Grimes, "Venus Fly (Ft. Janelle Monae)"
Pet Sun, "Dark Planet"
Fruit Juice, "Haunted"
Oliver Pigott, "Your Music's Gone" 
Cancer Bats, "Through & Through & Through"
The Grindmother, "Any Cost" 


Edit Piaf, "La Vie en rose"
Jeff Buckley, "Grace (Live From The Bataclan)" 
Deerhunter, "Snakeskin"
The Slits, "I Heard It Through The Grapevine"
A Tribe Called Red, "All Day (Ft. Kool A.D. & Chippewa Travelers)"
Steady Holiday, "Your Version Of Me" 
Loretta Lynn & Conway Twitty, "You're The Reason Our Kids Are Ugly" 
Radiohead, "The National Anthem"
Grimes, "Venus Fly (Ft. Janelle Monae)"
Pet Sun, "Dark Planet"
Nirvana, "You Know You're Right"
The Beatles, "Hotline Bling"
Guns N' Roses, "Sweet Child O' Mine" 
Melanie, "Brand New Key"
Fruit Juice, "Haunted" 
Boards of Canada, "Music Is Math" 
Oliver Pigott, "Your Music's Gone"
Joanna Newsom, "Sapokanikan"
Jessica Pratt, "Moon Dude"
Dag Nasty, "Can I Say"
Minutemen, "Corona"
The New Pornographers, "Letter To An Occupant" 
The Staples Singers, "Wade In The Water"
Neko Case, "Vengeance Is Sleeping (Strombo Session)"
Beach House, "Wildflower" 
Rolling Stones, "She's A Rainbow" 
Led Zeppelin, "Over The Hills Far Away"
Tom Waits, "Anywhere I Lay My Head"
Angel Haze, "Detox" 
Cancer Bats, "Through & Through & Through" 
The Grindmother, "Any Cost"
Mistfits, "Hollywood Babylon"
Northcote, "Your Rock And Roll (Strombo Session)"
Propagandhi, "Today's Empires, Tomorrow's Ashes"
Northcote, "Leaving Wyoming (Strombo Session)"
The Replacements, "Left Of The Dial"
Bjork, "Frosti"
Feist, "Now At Last"
John Lennon, "Imagine" 

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