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The R3-30: Radio 3’s top 30 songs for the week of July 18, 2016

Editorial Staff

This week our highest debut comes courtesy of the 2nd single from White Lung's Polaris short-listed album Paradise. Trust us, "Below" is the one cathartic song you need to start your week off right:

Other new songs to hit the chart this week include "Body" from Code Pie, "Undertow" from Yes We Mystic, "Infinity" from Bestie, "Lie To Me" from Federal Lights and "Jazz By Thor" from Devours. At the top, a cluster of indie veterans are all vying for number one. Will the Sloan/ Super Friendz/ Inbreds supergroup Tuns be able to hang on for longer than a week? 

30. Code Pie, “Body”
29. Yes We Mystic, “Undertow”
28. Vogue Dots, “If You Stay”
27. Bestie, “Infinity”
26. The World Provider, “Hey Joanne”
25. Federal Lights, “Lie To Me"
24. Devours, “Jazz By Thor”
23. Little Scream, “Dark Dance”
22. Like A Motorcycle, “High Hopes”
21. Heaven For Real, “Subliminal”
20. White Lung, “Below”
19. Beauts, “Ether”
18. Wolf Parade, “Automatic”
17. Pup, “Can’t Win”
16. Hannah Georgas, “Don’t Go”
15. Twin River, “Antony”
14. Basia Bulat, “La La Lie”
13. Rae Spoon, “Written Across The Sky”
12. Royal Tusk, “Curse The Weather”
11. Hot Hot Heat, “Kid Who Stays In The Picture”
10. Navet Confit, “Ton Voyage”
9. July Talk, “Push + Pull”
8. Suuns, “Un-No”
7. The Besnard Lakes, “Towers Sent Her To Sheets Of Sound”
6. AA Wallace, “Shake It Out”
5. Plants And Animals, “No Worries Gonna Find Us”
4. Tokyo Police Club, “PCH”
3. Operators, “Blue Wave”
2. Black Mountain, “Florian Saucer Attack”
1. Tuns, “Mind Over Matter”

What's your favourite song on our chart this week? Which song deserves to be number 1 next week? Tweet us @cbcradio3.