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The Strombo Show: Coeur de pirate

Editorial Staff

The Strombo Show will run the gamut this Sunday night.

Over three hours of commercial-free music, we're honouring both old and new. Along the way, we're celebrating the music of St. Patrick's Day, exploring the impact that prison systems had on music and Beatrice Martin of Coeur de pirate will be joining us for an acoustic performance and an intimate conversation.

Coeur de pirate is a Juno-nominated Canadian singer-songwriter. She recently released her soundtrack for the popular Quebec television series, 'Trauma'. It's full of intimately stripped down covers of both the past (Kenny Rogers, The Rolling Stones, Nancy Sinatra) and the present (Amy Winehouse, The Libertines, Bon Iver), and also includes covers of Quebec stars (Patrick Watson,The  McGarrigle Sisters).

Tara Henley is returning to the program to break down the correlation between prisons and music, from Johnny Cash to Akon. Inspired by George's conversation with Cornel West, they'll focus on Angola Prison where we can find the likes or Lead Belly and Rita Chiarelli.

As always, we'll be tipping our hats to those ground-breakers and game-changers with a Nod to the Gods, spinning the best new tracks on the Magnificent Seven, paying tribute to Tom Waits on Ten with Tom and we'll send you into the collective horizontal with the Big Lie Down.

Get on in here! Join the collective.