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Neil Peart's guide to Neil Peart's drums

Jesse Kinos-Goodin

“Set up any old thing,” says Rush drummer Neil Peart when asked about the significance of his famously grandiose drum set, which, although he’s lost count himself, can include more than 30 pieces. “I like to play on unfamiliar drum sets actually. They’re tuned in a way I wouldn’t tune them and it makes me play in way a little differently. I’m wide open to that. I could make a record on any old drum set and it’s remarkable how it’s always going to be me.”

That said, when Peart sat down with CBC Music to talk about his newest book, Far and Near: On Days Like These, which includes his reflections about life on the road, we couldn’t help but ask him to take us through his drum kit. It all starts with a standard four-piece setup and grows (and grows and grows) from there. Check out the full video  guide below as Peart breaks down each section.