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Rear View Mirror: Duran Duran find inspiration in technology and... Gordon Lightfoot?

Alex Redekop

Each week on Rear-view Mirror, Rich Terfry and the Radio 2 team look back at a great song from the good ol’ days. Today, it's "Hungry Like A Wolf" by Duran Duran.

The song that put Duran Duran on the map was inspired by new technology, Little Red Riding Hood and Gordon Lightfoot!

Rear View Mirror: Duran Duran - "Hungry Like The Wolf"

Click play to hear Rich Terfry's story behind Duran Duran's biggest hit


The hit "Hungry Like The Wolf" came together in less than 24 hours. One morning in a recording studio in London, Andy Taylor of Duran Duran was fiddling around with some new equipment the band had acquired. He was just trying to figure out how it all worked: a drum machine with a built-in sequencer and a Jupiter 8 synthesizer. Soon a great drum beat and main synth line emerged.

From there, lead singer Simon Le Bon started working on lyrics. For inspiration, he used the story of Little Red Riding Hood and borrowed a melodic idea from an instrumental section of Gordon Lightfoot's classic song "If You Could Read My Mind". At the end of the day in the studio, vocal touches were added by girlfriends of the band members and the song was done.

Much of the success of the song can be attributed its music video. It was inspired by the movies Raiders of the Lost Ark and Apocalypse Now. The band members' wardrobe and makeup was done by their girlfriends. Le Bon wanted blonde highlights, but the job was botched and his hair turned bright orange, which is why he wears a hat throughout the video. According to legend, bassist John Taylor's outfit in the video inspired the look for the Sonny Crockett character on the Miami Vice TV series.

Here's the song that put Duran Duran on the map - the video for which won the first Grammy Award for a music video: this is "Hungry Like The Wolf" on Rear View Mirror.

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