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33 signs you were a Canadian music nerd in the '90s

Jesse Kinos-Goodin

Yo home skillets! Were you totally a Canadian music nerd in the '90s? If so, you'll definitely get the music references in the list below. Take a look and share your score in the comments. The person with the highest score will win some phat bling from CBC Music — sike!

1. You know what The Yellow Tape is (and still have your copy).

2. You heard your new indie music on CBC’s Brave New Waves.

3. And your hits from this guy.

YTV Hitlist Tarzan Dan intro 1991 by Retrontario 

4. But your favourite interviews were, and always will be, from this guy. Doot Doola Dot Doo ...

5. You remember when MuchMusic played music (and when claymation was hip, incidentally).

MuchMusic Spotlight intro Michael Williams 1991 by Retrontario 

6. At least once, you thought about waiting outside on the sidewalk so you could be on Electric Circus with Monika Deol.

7. Sassy Magazine’s Cute Band Alert!

8. You bought an obscure album from Sam the Record Man’s remainder bin.

9. Thirty minutes of RapCity per week was never enough time.

10. You wrote the names of your favourite bands on a canvas pencil case or knapsack.

11. You were mad when this album beat all of your favourite albums at the Grammys, not to mention it pretty much owned 1996.

12. You remember calling radio stations and begging them to play your favourite song so you could tape it.

13. A mixtape was actually a tape, and you designed the cover.

14. Also, your record/pause technique was second to none.

15. You know what a cassingle is.

16. As well as a CD long box.

17. You still owe these guys money, but who could resist eight CDs for a penny?

18. You ironically wore a T-shirt with “lamestain” or “harsh realm” printed on it.

19. Shockwave was kind of a big deal.

20. The names Ibanez Talman, Parker Fly, Jackson Roswell Rhoads, Paul Reed Smith SE, MusicMan Wolfgang or Fernandes Nomad really mean something to you and your garage band.

21. You had to tape Nirvana Unplugged from the TV onto VHS so you could watch it over and over again.

22. You knew Kardinal Offishall, Jully Black, Solitaire, Choclair and Saukrates when they were starting out as part of the Circle.

23. Rap Essentials Volume One changed your life.

24. A whole magazine devoted to Canadian music? Amazing!

25. Four words: Much Video Dance Party.

26. THIS was your jam.

27. Or maybe even this.

28. You never bought Sloan as the Canadian answer to Nirvana, and liked them more because if it.

29. You witnessed the end of pop-rap, and Vanilla Ice’s career.

30. Zines were the only way to stay up on the most cutting-edge music.

31. You listened to AM radio — for the music.

32. You changed your Winamp skin regularly.

33. Slow dancing to “November Rain.” So many memories.

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