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Watch Jessy Lanza and Junior Boys in video exploring Hamilton's electronic music scene

Del Cowie

With the prominence of artists like the Junior Boys and twice Polaris Music Prize shortlisted artist Jessy Lanza, Hamilton's electronic music scene is starting to gain more and more notice. In a new segment for CBC Arts, Alanna Stuart of the group Bonjay explores the roots of the the burgeoning electronic music scene.

In the five-minute video, Stuart meets Junior Boys producer Jeremy Greenspan as well as Lanza and widely respected duo Orphx to discuss the origins of  Hamilton's electronic music history, how it aligns with the city's rocky industrial history and how Hamilton has forged its own identity within the genre.

"There is a certain element of decline and decay that's evident. Things have changed in the economy," Orphx's Rich Oddie says. "But there's also a sense of hope and renewal."

Watch the video below and learn more information about the bands featured in the video here.