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First Play Live: Daniela Andrade, Shore

Reuben Maan

Daniela Andrade is taking her music to another level. The gifted young singer has more than one million subscribers to her YouTube channel, where she releases inspired original songs as well as beautifully interpreted covers. Thus far, Andrade has played most of her music on the acoustic guitar. But that's all changing with the recent release of her four-song visual EP called Shore.

Andrade teamed up with producer Gabriel Gagnon, who is also known for his work with Milk & Bone. Andrade and Gagnon added sensual arrangements and lush instrumentation to all four songs from the new EP. The results are gorgeous.

Andrade brought Gagnon, as well as drummer Benjamin Vigneault and guitarist Joseph Marchand, to CBC Music to play the four new songs live. Watch the videos in the playlist below. And check out some of the music from Andrade's last visit to CBC Music as well, where she teamed up with a string section.