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Watch George Stroumboulopoulos's favourite sessions from this season

Colton Eddy
House of Strombo sessions special

George Stroumboulopoulos revisits some of his favourite sessions.


The Strombo Show runs the gamut this Sunday night, keeping the spirit of radio alive by delivering the best records in the best order. It's a show for music lovers by music lovers, ranging over three hours of commercial-free music to honour both old and new.

This week, George Stroumboulopoulos revisits some of his favourite sessions that filled his Toronto home with sound and conversation. It all began when Dilly Dally turned up. Along the way, there were icons like the Cult, game-changers like Jazz Cartier, midnight shows with Hannah Georgas, daytime distortion with the Kills and an inimitable banger courtesy of Arkells.

Relive those moments in their entirety below, including a bonus Motown party set from Arkells and their cover of the Tragically Hip's "My Music at Work."

Arkells (part 1)

Arkells (part 2)

The Cult

Dilly Dally

Jazz Cartier

The Kills


Crosby Stills Nash, “Our House”
The Stooges, “Fun House”
Arkells, “Sledgehammer (Peter Gabriel cover) (Strombo Sessions)”
Arkells, “My Girl (The Temptations cover) (Strombo Sessions)”
Arkells, “Signed, Sealed, Delivered (Stevie Wonder cover) (Strombo Sessions)”
Arkells, “Dancing In The Dark (Bruce Springsteen cover) (Strombo Sessions)”
Arkells, “My Music At Work (The Tragically Hip cover) (Strombo Sessions)”
Dilly Dally, “Desire (Strombo Sessions)”
Dilly Dally, “Know Yourself (Drake Cover) (Strombo Sessions)”
Dilly Dally, “Purple Rage (Strombo Sessions)”
Dilly Dally, “The Touch (Strombo Sessions)”
Dilly Dally, “Burned By The Cold (Strombo Sessions)”
David Bowie, “Lazarus”
The Cult, “Wild Flower (Strombo Sessions)”
The Cult, “Horse Nation (Strombo Sessions)”
The Cult, “Deeply Ordered Chaos (Strombo Sessions)”
The Cult, “She Sells Sanctuary (Strombo Sessions)”
The Cult, “G.O.A.T. (Strombo Sessions)”
Hannah Georgas, “Rideback”
TLC, “Waterfalls”
Hannah Georgas, “Rideback (Strombo Sessions)”
Hannah Georgas, “Angel All The Time (Strombo Sessions)”
Hannah Georgas, “Waste (Strombo Sessions)”
Hannah Georgas, “Crazy Shit (Strombo Sessions)”
Hannah Georgas, “Don’t Go (Strombo Sessions)”
Hannah Georgas, “Enemies (Strombo Sessions)”
Jazz Cartier, “I Know (Strombo Sessions)”
Jazz Cartier, “Tales (Strombo Sessions)”
Jazz Cartier, “Illuminati Love Song (Strombo Sessions)”
Jazz Cartier, “Opera (Strombo Sessions)”
Jazz Cartier, “Cut The Cheque (Strombo Sessions)”
The Kills, “Hard Habit To Break (Strombo Sessions)”
The Kills, “Heart Of A Dog (Strombo Sessions)”
The Kills, “Black Balloon (Strombo Sessions)”
The Kills, “Doing It To Death (Strombo Sessions)”
The Kills, “Baby Says (Strombo Sessions)”
The Kills, “Whirling Eye (Strombo Sessions)”
The Kills, “Siberian Nights (Strombo Sessions)”

For further musical exploration with George Stroumboulopoulos, tune in to The Strombo Show every Sunday night on CBC Radio 2 or CBC Music from 8 to 11 p.m. for three hours of uninterrupted music for music lovers.