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The Weeknd donates $250,000 to Black Lives Matter

Melody Lau

Toronto R&B star the Weeknd recently donated $50,000 to the University of Toronto to kickstart an Ethiopic Studies program and it appears that he is continuing his philanthropic streak. Yesterday, it was revealed that the singer also donated $250,000 to the Black Lives Matter Network.

The Black Lives Matter Network, according to their website, is “a chapter-based national organization working for the validity of Black life.” Black Lives Matter has a branch in Toronto that most recently made the news when they staged a sit-in at this year’s Pride parade, hoping to get a list of changes approved by the organizers, including the removal of police floats, as well as more space and funding for Black Queer Youth.

The Weeknd has been a vocal supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement over the past few months. In July, he tweeted: “enough is enough. it’s time to stand up for this. we can either sit and watch, or do something about it. the time is now. #blacklivesmatter.” He followed that up with another hashtag regarding the police violence making the news in the U.S.