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Tanya Tagaq announces new 'more aggressively political' album 'Retribution'

Melody Lau

In 2014, Tanya Tagaq released her third studio album Animism, which went on to win the Polaris Music Prize that year. Now, two years later, the Inuit throat singer is back with a new album called Retribution.

According to a press release, Retribution is “an even more musically aggressive, more aggressively political, more challenging, more spine tingling, more powerful” album. More specifically, the album is about rape, “rape of women, rape of the land, rape of children, despoiling of traditional lands without consent.” The album will include a cover of Nirvana’s 1993 song, “Rape Me.”

Joining Tagaq on this new record will be long-time collaborator Jesse Zubot, drummer Jean Martin, Tuvan throat singer Radik Tyülyüsh, traditional Inuk singer Ruben Komangapik, Shad and Tagaq’s daughter Inuuja, who will also be featured on a song.

Below is the tracklist for Retribution, which comes out Oct. 21. 

1. "Ajaaja"
2. "Retribution"
3. "Nacreous"
4. "Aorta"
5. "Centre" ft. Shad
6. "Summoning"
7. "Cold"
8. "Sivulivinivut"
9. "Sulfur"
10. "Rape Me"