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Canadians are searching for the Tragically Hip more than ever before: Google

Jesse Kinos-Goodin

What is “Wheat Kings” about? What’s a “Fifty Mission Cap?” What should you wear to a Tragically Hip concert? These are some of the most commonly searched questions about the Tragically Hip from Canadians leading up to the band’s Aug. 20 concert in Kingston, according to stats from Google.

As the band’s Man Machine Poem tour comes to a close, which will be broadcast on radio, TV and on CBC Music, search interest for the Kingston five-piece has increased twentyfold, according to a representative from Google Canada.  

Searches for “Tragically Hip lyrics” have also peaked in August and are the highest they’ve ever been.

To quickly answer the questions above, "Wheat Kings" is about the David Milgaard case, a "Fifty Mission Cap" is a hat worn by World War II soliders, and you can never go wrong with double denim. Or metallic leather suits, but maybe leave those for Gord Downie.

Below are the most popular search trends about the Tragically Hip.

Top-searched Hip songs of 2016

  1. “Courage”

  2. “Wheat Kings”

  3. “Bobcaygeon”

  4. “Poets”

  5. “Ahead by a Century”

  6. “New Orleans is Sinking”

  7. “Long TIme Running”

  8. “Nautical Disaster”

  9. “Highway Disaster”

  10. “Blow at High Dough”

Most-searched Hip albums of 2016

  1. Day for Night

  2. Man Machine Poem

  3. Phantom Power

  4. Fully Completely

  5. Road Apples

The Hip’s most-viewed song on YouTube

What are Canadians asking about Hip songs?

  • What is “Wheat Kings” about?
  • Where is the hundredth meridian?
  • What is a fifty mission cap?
  • What city is the Paris of the Prairies?

What are Canadians asking about the Tragically Hip?

  • Where is the Tragically Hip from?
  • How many Tragically Hip albums are there?
  • What to wear to a Tragically Hip concert?
  • How long has the Tragically Hip been around?

Understandably, searches in Canada for hotels in Kingston are also on the rise.

Tune into The Tragically Hip: A National Celebration on Aug. 20 at 8:30 pm ET on CBC Music

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