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Bob Egan leaves Blue Rodeo for job at Kitchener Public Library

Melody Lau

Blue Rodeo’s pedal steel player Bob Egan played his last show with the Canadian band on Saturday night in Toronto. After 17 and a half years with the band, Egan is leaving for a job at the Kitchener Public Library.

“As you can imagine, it’s the dream job,” Egan told the Canadian Press about his time in Blue Rodeo. “And after 17 and a half years it’s almost impossible to leave. It’s almost like the mob — this is your second family. But I got an offer I couldn’t refuse.”

The Minnesota-born musician performed in Wilco for several years in the ’90s before joining Blue Rodeo and relocating to Ontario. His new job title will be manager of community connections and development at the Kitchener Public Library where he will fundraise and oversee an upcoming digital media studio.

“Libraries are in transition and they’re on the cusp of a revolution, believe it or not,” Egan said. “We’re seeing in communities across Canada they are becoming the valued cultural institution.

“They’re morphing from just a place to get books into community centres, into certainly resource centres for immigrants and refugees here in Canada, and also cultural hubs.”