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Cellist Coenraad Bloemendal hosts This Is My Music

Cathy Irving

Coenraad Bloemendal is one of Canada's foremost cellists. He has travelled extensively, both geographically and musically and as a result, Bloemendal has worked closely with some of the 20th century's greatest musicians.

Bloemendal was born in Amsterdam and studied at the Amsterdam Conservatory. His postgraduate work was done at Indiana University in the U.S. and then in 1971, Bloemendal moved to Toronto to join the newly-formed Camerata Canada chamber ensemble. He also worked frequently with pianist Glenn Gould on television, radio and film projects and then after the pianist's death in 1982, Bloemendal became a member of the Canadian Chamber Ensemble, the Toronto Chamber Players and the Rembrandt Trio. 

Bloemendal has also worked extensively with pianist Valerie Tryon and harpist Erica Goodman. His passion for jazz led to a number of collaborations with Don Thompson both on the stage and in the recording studio. Bloemendal has shared his extensive knowledge of music by teaching at the Royal Conservatory of Music for nearly 20 years and heading the string department at York University from 1980 until 1984. On this edition of This Is My Music, Bloemendal shares his favourite music and the stories behind his selections.

This Is My Music is heard Saturdays on Radio 2 at 10:00 am ET.

Cellist Coenraad Bloemendal hosts This Is My Music

Coenraad Bloemendal shares his favourite music on This Is My Music