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First Play Live: Harrison, Checkpoint Titanium

Reuben Maan

Harrison's debut full-length album, Checkpoint Titanium, comes out today. The 21-year-old producer has been catching a ton of attention for the music he's been releasing on Soundcloud over the past several years. For his First Play Live session at CBC Music, Harrison brought along many of the special guests who appear on his new release.

Fellow production wizard and Haligonian Ryan Hemsworth adds guitar and subtle vocals to the song "Vanilla." Ben Cook of F--ked Up and Young Guv drops hooky vocals on "So Far From Home," while singing about borrowing the keys to the whip from his sick grandma. Clairmont the Second shows amazing poise while rapping on "It's Okay I Promise." And Seamus Hamilton, whom Harrison calls his mentor, adds guitar and a whole lot of mood while performing "Social Stimulus." You get the feeling that Harrison has a pretty amazing future ahead of him. Watch all four songs in the playlist below.

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