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Listen: Tanya Tagaq collaborates with Shad on new single 'Centre'

Andrea Gin

Tanya Tagaq has released a new track called "Centre" from her upcoming album Retribution. The song is a collaboration with Shad, and features a range of their vocal styles playing back and forth over a driving electronic beat.

Tagaq described the inspiration for the song in an email to the Fader: "The song is about the idea of being centred," she wrote, "being rooted, being present, all of these things are about the knowing, knowing how to conduct yourself. Our lyrics are about electrons, gravity, the fundamental forces, looking at how physical laws can be applied spiritually and emotionally, and how to centre yourself. As a woman, I know my centering happens where I make my babies, it’s not in my head, it’s in the cavities of my body where I hold blood. It’s where we create. I find my womb very sacred and I wanted to address that."

Retibution will be Tagaq's follow-up to her Polaris Music Prize-winning album Animism. It is due out on October 21 via Six Shooter Records.