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CBC Radio 3 Podcast featuring Julie Doiron, L Con, Armahain and more

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Are you ready to face fall? Let us help you ease into the season with a new episode of our podcast, featuring an interview with the one and only Julie Doiron along with a playlist of songs from the best new and emerging Canadian artists we've discovered this month.

Host Louise Burns will bring you music from Old Cabin, an artist from Whitehorse with a new album Saturn Returns, inspired by the cosmic forces of revision. Similarly inspired by the galaxy is L Con, a space-pop band from Toronto lead by Lisa Conway, whose voice you might recognize from her work with the orchestral pop group Del Bel. There is also brand new music from Newfoundland artist Armahain, a dream-pop project lead by newcomer Meghan McDonald, who tells us she creates music out of "a need of cathartic creative output and pure part-time employment boredom."

Finally, we’ve invited a musician with so much experience in the music industry that she may as well teach a course on it: the one and only Julie Doiron joins us in studio to talk about her new band Weird Lines, touring with a family and her secret to longevity in the music industry.

Think of it as a brief course in life lessons.

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Here is the playlist for this month:

1. Old Cabin “Where Did You Go” from Saturn Returns
2. Armahain “Kaksi” from Being Human
3. L Con “Form of Space” from Moon Milk
4. Weird Lines “Twin Summers” from Weird Lines
5. Caribou “Melody Day” from Andorra

CBC Radio 3 Podcast featuring Julie Doiron, L Con, Armahain, more

Listen to the CBC Radio 3 Podcast with host Louise Burns.


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