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Kestrels, Duchess Says, Brendan Canning: Radio 3's top 30 for the week of September 19, 2016

Editorial Staff

Duchess Says is back with new music for the first time in almost five years, and their song "I Repeat Myself" is the highest debut on our top 30 this week. They pick up right where they left off with this '80s-sounding synth-punk tune, but be forewarned: repeated listenings will make you want to don a headband and legwarmers and do some Flashdance moves around town.


Other debuts include "Pedestals" by the Tourist Company, "Healing Suns"from Groenland, "No Alternative" by Kestrels, "Caught Up"from Holy F*** and "Until You're Mine" by Rococode. Up at the top Brendan Canning takes over in the number one spot with his smooth end-of-summer hit "Book It To Fresno." Since we're a family-friendly station we've included the censored version of the video below: 

Here's our full top 30 for this week:

30. The Tourist Company, “Pedestals”  
29. Groenland, “Healing Suns” 
28. Jay Arner, “Back To School” 
27. Kestrels, “No Alternative”  
26. Jane’s Party, “What I’ve Been Missing”  
25. Holy Fuck, “Caught Up” 
24. Your Boy Tony Braxton, “Fall (Girl)”  
23. Imaginary Cities, “Set My Heart On Fire”  
22. Elephant Stone, “Manipulator” 
21. Rococode, “Until You’re Mine” 
20. The Luyas, “Engineers”  
19. Moonface and Siinai, “Risto’s Riff”  
18. The Pack A.D., “Yes, I Know”  
17. Sam Roberts Band, “If You Want It”  
16. Fresh Snow, “Mass Graves/Dance Caves”  
15. Duchess Says, “I Repeat Myself” *highest debut*  
14. Lowell, “High Enough”  
13. Islands, “The Weekend”  
12. July Talk, “Strange Habit”  
11. Tuns, “Throw It All Away”  
10. Andy Shauf, “Quite Like You”  
9. Belle Game, “Yuh”  
8. Black Mountain, “Cemetery Breeding”  
7. Weaves, “Birds & Bees”  
6. Operators, “Control”  
5. Snowblink, “Feel Like A Man”  
4. Crystal Castles, “Char”  
3. Grimes, “Pin”  
2. Young Rival, “Lucky”  
1. Brendan Canning, “Book It To Fresno”