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Weird Lines expand Canadian tour, share video for 'Malibu'

Louise Burns

Weird Lines announced more dates for their Canadian tour and released a new music video for “Malibu,” one of the tracks from their self-titled debut.

The East Coast indie rock supergroup, which consists of Julie Doiron, Jon McKiel, James Anderson, C.L. McLaughlin, and Chris Meaney, have expanded their current tour to include more dates across Western Canada

While you're waiting for them to come to your town, you can enjoy their new video for "Malibu," which features clips from Dark Star, a science fiction comedy from 1974 most famously known for being the first feature film for legendary director John Carpenter (Halloween, The Thing).

You can hear the film’s original dialogue on top of the song, which consists of astronauts reminiscing about surfing in Malibu. The track, which was inspired from clip of the film, features the vocals of Julie Doiron in harmony with McLaughlin, creating a blissful-sounding accompaniment to the images of spacemen in peril.

Watch the video for “Malibu” below.

You can hear an extended interview with Julie Doiron on this month’s CBC Radio 3 Podcast, which comes out tomorrow.