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Radio 2 Top 20, Sept. 30: Frank Ocean & Charlotte Cardin debut, Kings of Leon #1

Nana aba Duncan

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Radio 2 Top 20 with Nana aba Duncan, September 30

Listen to the best of radio 2 for the week of Sept. 30 2016


Charlotte Cardin makes her debut on the chart at #7 with "Big Boy".

Blackie & The Rodeo Kings make a six place jump to #12 with "Beautiful Scars".

Kings of Leon are now #1! Here's "Waste A Moment".

Radio 2 Top 20 for Sept 30, 2016

1. Kings of Leon, "Waste a Moment" 

2. Begonia "Juniper" 

3. Bobby Bazini, "C'est La Vie" (new entry)

4. Wintersleep, "Spirit" 

5. Tami Neilson, "Holy Moses" (most votes)

6. "Alysha Brilla "No More Violence"

7. Charlotte Cardin, "Big Boy" (new entry) 

8. Joseph, "SOS"

9. Tor Miller "Always"

10. Nuela Charles, "Crumbling Down"

11. Kirty "That's Not Me"

12. Blackie and The Rodeo Kings, "Beautiful Scars" 

13. "Oh Pep! "Wanting"

14. Tafari Anthony, "Know Better"

15. Amos Lee, "Running Out Of Time" (re-entry)

16. Jamestown Revival, "Love Is A Burden" (re-entry)

17. Timothy Bloom "Work It Out"

18. Regina Spektor, "Bleeding Heart"

19. Jesse Mac Cormack, "Never Enough"

20. Frank Ocean, "Pink + White" (new entry)

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