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First Play: L Con, Moon Milk

Judith Lynch

When Toronto's Lisa Conway found herself fascinated by the celestial void, she decided to write an album about it. The result is Moon Milk, a wonderfully spacey record full of synths and psychedilia that stays anchored with some decidedly earthy musical tones.

"Moon Milk was written in Sackville, N.B., during my stint in June 2013 as a songwriter in residence," said Conway in an email. "I was handed the keys of the derelict music hall, borrowed an electric guitar, set-up my laptop, and went to work. I had recently fallen for Italo Calvino's writing, so using Cosmicomics as my guiding framework seemed fitting, and provided me with a clear and productive path. I work well with limitations. The many hours I spent alone singing into such a vast, reverberant, and slowly disintegrating space obviously shaped these songs."

Moon Milk will be released Oct. 7 via Wildlife Sanctuary Sound Recordings. You can pre-order the album here.