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Grimes surprises fans, releases 7 videos in one day

Judith Lynch

In a series of tweets, Grimes announced the release of seven new videos today. The videos were shot this summer while she was touring on the strength of her latest release, Art Angels.

"They are guerrilla style vids, a la realiti, so there was no cres, makeup, cameras, lights. Just us and a phone, so maybe don't expect anthing too fancy," she wrote in one of her tweets. "That said, we'r really proud of what we made."

Four of the videos ("Butterfly," "World Princess Part II," "Scream" and "Belly of the Beat") are songs from Art Angel. The others ("Underwater," "Chimera" and "Avalanche") are videos for her friend HANA's EP.

Watch the videos individually below or in their intended order here.