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Radio 3's featured new artist: inland island

Louise Burns

After a handful of independent releases, Montreal’s introspective baroque-pop artist inland island have announced their debut full-length album will be out on October 18. 

The project, lead by singer-songwriter Arthur Rossignol-Tassonyi, will release Zsa Zsa’s Window Opens Slowly, on Egg Paper Factory, which is also the home of experimental art-pop bands such as Un Blonde and Telstar Drugs

Rossignol-Tassonyi, who identifies as transgender, found a muse in Zsa Zsa, a fictional female character they engage with throughout the record. The singer’s relationship with Zsa Zsa, as well as their own relationship with themself, forms the backbone of the album’s lyrical narrative. The concept album was made over a two month period in which Rossingnol-Tassony worked while locked away in a basement, experimenting with software orchestral arrangements, folk and dream-pop production. The result is a deeply personal album that asks the listener to reflect on their own relationships, proving the power of Rossignol-Tassonyi's vulnerability, and why they are one of the most compelling songwriters to emerge from the Egg Paper Factory label.

"Bran (Germ)" is the latest track to be shared from the record. "'Bran (Germ)' is an ode to self-love and self-care." says Rossignol-Tassonyi. "There are so many ways in which people get cut into certain identities, whether by society or as a result of trying to combat forces weighing down on us, as people. We are all trying to find a sense of self to hold onto but sometimes it's also important to allow for fluidity and growth through change; Bran becomes a symbol of that sacrifice."

You can hear "Bran (Germ)" below.

Zsa Zsa's Window Opens Slowly comes out October 18th on Egg Paper Factory. You can pre-order it here.