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Tanya Tagaq, Elephant Stone, Fresh Snow: Radio 3's top 30 for the week of October 17, 2016

Editorial Staff

We see some familiar faces return to our top 30 chart this week, as well as a band scoring it's first ever number one song.

Songs making a debut include Moonface and Siinai with "Prairie Boy," Tasseomancy with "Do Easy," and We Are Wolves with "I Don't Mind." We also have the second single from Preoccupations' self-titled LP called "Degraded." The colour-filled video for the song plays with surrealism and provides a perfect backdrop for it's ominous, post-punk sound: 

The highest debut of the week belongs to Tanya Tagaq, whose song "Centre" features Shad on vocals and is easily the most compelling and innovative-sounding song we've heard on the chart all year. It also comes with a very cool animated video done by none other than Chad VanGaalen, which you can watch below:

Fresh Snow takes over at the top of the chart, kicking off our week with the Pack A.D. and Imaginary Cities hot on their heels. Check out our full list of top 30 songs below. 

30. Moonface and Siinai, “Prairie Boy” 
29. July Talk, “Strange Habit” 
28. Tasseomancy, “Do Easy” 
27. Diamond Mind, “Horseless Coach” 
26. We Are Wolves, “I Don’t Mind” 
25. Tuns, “Throw It All Away” 
24. Preoccupations, “Degraded”  
23. Brasstronaut, “Raveshadow”  
22. Operators, “Control” 
21. Monomyth, “Puppet Creek”  
20. Tanya Tagaq, “Centre (feat. Shad)” *highest debut*  
19. Duotang, “Karma Needs To Come Around”  
18. Twin River, “Settle Down” 
17. The Luyas, “Engineers” 
16. L Con, “Form Of Space” 
15. Wake Island, “The Other End” 
14. Groenland, “Healing Suns”  
13. Junior Boys, “Kiss Me All Night” 
12. Repartee, “Miracle” 
11. Islands, “The Weekend”  
10. John K Samson, “Postdoc Blues”  
9. Kestrels, “No Alternative”  
8. Holy Fuck, “Caught Up”  
7. White Lung, “Dead Weight”  
6. Duchess Says, “I Repeat Myself”  
5. Elephant Stone, “Manipulator”  
4. Rococode, “Until You’re Mine”  
3. Imaginary Cities, “Set My Heart On Fire”  
2. The Pack A.D., “Yes, I Know” 
1. Fresh Snow, “Mass Graves/Dance Caves”