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Radio 3's featured new artist: Lt. Frank Dickens

Louise Burns

In this new weekly series, we will be featuring a new indie artist and their music. This week, we bring you Lt. Frank Dickens, a Vancouver based singer-songwriter, one-time record store owner and former frontman of the now defunct post-punk band Peace.

Dickens, whose real name is Dan Geddes, will be reissuing his 2015 cassette-tape-only debut album Sunburned on vinyl via Jaz Records, a label run by Jason Zumpano (Zumpano, Destroyer, Loscil). It will be done as a run of 300 copies, featuring a new cover and two new songs.

It's hard not to be pulled in by Geddes' clever, poignant lyrics, which first gained attention with Peace, even being referred to as "Vancouver's post-punk laureate." Sunburned showcases Geddes' way with words over haunting, moody folk-rock written and recorded in various places over the past few years. New songs “Bright and New” and “Stranger Streets” find themselves neatly in place alongside a collection of music that doesn’t adhere to any particular genre, but is united by the sound of Geddes' distinctive baritone voice, summoning the spirits of Nick Cave, Scott Walker and the misty darkness of the Pacific Northwest. 

You can order Sunburned here

"It's pretty clearly a song of love and devotion," says Geddes of "Stranger Streets" via email. "But it's also about happily existing outside of the humdrum."

Take a listen to the song below.