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Radio 3's featured new artist: Marie Davidson 

Louise Burns

CBC Radio 3’s featured new artist of the week is electronic artist Marie Davidson, who has just released her latest full length LP Adieux Au Dancefloor on Minimal Wave’s Cititrax label. 

Davidson is an active member of Montreal’s electronic music scene, where she has spent the past few years honing her craft as one half of the synth duo Essaie Pas

Adieux Au Dancefloor offers 45 minutes of dark, pulsating grooves shimmering with cinematic overtones and introspective verse. She gracefully combines spoken-word poetry (in both French and English) with cold analogue synthesizers, resulting in a kind of meditation on the dark side of the dance floor.

In a recent interview with Fader magazine, Davidson explained that the muse behind Adieux Au Dancefloor was the often destructive lifestyle of touring and performing late at night. Instead of allowing her negativity to fester, she turned it into something creative. That’s what makes Davidson so compelling: she gives warmth and soul to even the dingiest of dance floors.

Listen to "Naive To the Bone" below or on soundcloud. Order Adieux Au Dancefloor on vinyl here.