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Lowell, Duotang, Elephant Stone: Radio 3's top 30 songs for the week of October 24, 2016

Editorial Staff

Toronto's Lowell bursts on to the top 30 this week with "West Coast Forever," a dreamy dance track paying homage to the bright skies of California. The song is off of her latest EP, Entitled Part 1: PARIS YK, a 3-song affair whose name was taken from a small ghost town in the Yukon where her father lives. Listening to it will make you long for a leisurely drive up the Pacific Coast Highway:

Other debuts on the chart this week include "Hands" from Like A Motorcycle and "Repeat" from Jesse MacCormack. At the top, we have Elephant Stone moving into the number one position with the groovy rocker "Manipulator."

We kick off the chart today with the Luyas, enjoying their 8th consecutive week on the R3-30. Check out the full rundown:

30. The Luyas, “Engineers” 
29. Like A Motorcycle, “Hands”  
28. Moonface and Siinai, “Prairie Boy” 
27. Jesse Mac Cormack, “Repeat”  
26. Islands, “The Weekend”  
25. Tasseomancy, “Do Easy”  
24. Lowell, “West Coast Forever” *highest debut* 
23. We Are Wolves, “I Don’t Mind”  
22. Diamond Mind, “Horseless Coach” 
21. Duchess Says, “I Repeat Myself” 
20. Brasstronaut, “Raveshadow”  
19. Preoccupations, “Degraded” 
18. Tanya Tagaq, “Centre (feat. Shad)”  
17. Monomyth, “Puppet Creek”  
16. Duotang, “Karma Needs To Come Around”  
15. Rococode, “Until You’re Mine”  
14. Twin River, “Settle Down”  
13. Wake Island, “The Other End” 
12. L Con, “Form Of Space”  
11. Groenland, “Healing Suns”  
10. Repartee, “Miracle”  
9. The Pack A.D., “Yes, I Know”  
8. Junior Boys, “Kiss Me All Night”  
7. John K Samson, “Postdoc Blues” 
6. Fresh Snow, “Mass Graves/Dance Caves”  
5. Kestrels, “No Alternative”  
4. White Lung, “Dead Weight”  
3. Holy Fuck, “Caught Up”  
2. Imaginary Cities, “Set My Heart On Fire”  
1. Elephant Stone, “Manipulator”