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First Play: The Jerry Cans, Inuusiq

Judith Lynch

Inuusiq is the third release from the Jerry Cans and the first one on their very own label, Aakuluk Music.

A wickedly infectious meld of Inuk throat singing and a broad range of genres means that there's something for just about everyone on this record. "Ukiuq" is four straight minutes of pure hooks as it ramps up from a light Mumford-and-Sons vibe to a full-on, boot-stomping, ass-kicking folk rocker. Just try to get the "whoa, oh whoa, oh ohs" out of your head when it's over.

"Iqqaniajarumanngittunga" is as catchy as the very best of the Spirit of the West but with a touch more sweetness to it, and "Nirliit" is just begging to get a crowd jumping at a music festival in 2017.

A little bit folk, a little bit punk and a little bit country, the Jerry Cans' Inuusiq is a whole lot of fun.

The Jerry Cans are touring in Iqaluit and the eastern half of Canada in support of their new record. You can preorder the album here or pick one up if you're lucky enough to catch them when they come to the following cities:

Nov. 12: Inuksuk High, Alianait Concert Series, Iqaluit, Nunavut
Nov. 15: Mundial, Montreal, Que.
Nov. 16: Babylon, Ottawa, Ont.
Nov. 17: Lula Lounge, Toronto, Ont.
Nov. 18: The Seahorse Tavern, Halifax, N.S.
Nov. 19: The Ship, St. John's, N.L.