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The Matinee, Tasseomancy and John K. Samson: Radio 3's top 30 songs for the week of October 31, 2016

Editorial Staff

The Matinée scores the highest debut this week with the first single from their new album Dancing On Your Grave. The Vancouver band took a short break after releasing last year's excellent Broken Arrows EP, but quickly got back to work, writing over forty songs for the new record. Eleven of those songs made the final cut, half of which were written spontaneously in studio. You can hear that energy in the radio-ready title track, which is an ode to singer Matt Layzell's late grandfather—watch the lyric video for it below: 

Other debuts on the chart include "Motor Inn" from Lanikai, "Picturing Love" from July Talk and "Sadist" from Crystal Castles. 

At the top, we see longtime favourite John K. Samson make a triumphant return to the airwaves with "Postdoc Blues," the first single from his fantastic new album Winter Wheat.

Here's the complete rundown for the top 30 songs on our chart this week:

30. Lanikai, “Motor Inn”  
29. Twin River, “Settle Down” 
28. July Talk, “Picturing Love”  
27. Like A Motorcycle, “Hands”  
26. Wake Island, “The Other End”  
25. Crystal Castles, “Sadist”  
24. Moonface and Siinai, “Prairie Boy” 
23. The Matinee, “Dancing On Your Grave” *highest debut* 
22. Jesse Mac Cormack, “Repeat” 
21. The Pack A.D., “Yes, I Know”  
20. Lowell, “West Coast Forever” 
19. Tasseomancy, “Do Easy”  
18. Fresh Snow, “Mass Graves/Dance Caves”  
17. Brasstronaut, “Raveshadow”   
16. We Are Wolves, “I Don’t Mind” 
15. Diamond Mind, “Horseless Coach” 
14. Preoccupations, “Degraded”  
13. White Lung, “Dead Weight”  
12. Monomyth, “Puppet Creek” 
11. Holy Fuck, “Caught Up” 
10. Tanya Tagaq, “Centre (feat. Shad)” 
9. Duotang, “Karma Needs To Come Around”
8. Imaginary Cities, “Set My Heart On Fire”
7. Repartee, “Miracle”
6. Elephant Stone, “Manipulator”
5. L Con, “Form Of Space”
4. Groenland, “Healing Suns”
3. Junior Boys, “Kiss Me All Night”
2. Kestrels, “No Alternative”
1. John K Samson, “Postdoc Blues”