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Radio 3's featured new artist: the Seams

Louise Burns

This week, CBC Radio 3’s featured artist is Toronto’s the Seams, a new Toronto supergroup who have just released their debut album, Meet The Seams.

The Seams is made up of members of Elsa, WISH, Fake Palms and US Girls, combining elements of the Paisley Underground with English jangle-pop sensibilities. On Meet The Seams, the band channels a rosier shade of winter, leaning on more upbeat songwriting and a penchant for melody. Think The Dream Syndicate meets The Byrds.

"We (Kyle and I) didn't set out for any particular sound when we first got together to write songs, though once we had a few finished, we had a blueprint for what we thought could fit. To us, it is very stripped down and straight forward music. We both love bright, picked guitars. We both listen to a lot of LA '60s stuff, country music, The Velvet Underground and so on," says co-songwriter and vocalist Jonathan Rogers. "I, in particular love '80s/'90s college rock/guitar bands and Britpop. There is a fair bit of that thrown into the songs I sing on. Most of that music was written by people who were listening to the same stuff we are, so it all makes sense. We just wanted to do something spontenous but at the same time, very direct."

In a sea of modern electronica, the Seams stand out as the paisley printed black sheep. And what better way to usher in the season of darkness with a whole new musical pallette.

Listen to new song "Time Travel" below.

Meet The Seams is out now on Hand Drawn Dracula.