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First Play Live: Blue Rodeo, 1000 Arms

Ron Skinner

For the band's latest release, 1000 Arms, Blue Rodeo returns to the classic sound of Greg Keelor and Jim Cuddy's voices being intertwined in harmony and call and response. It was Tim Vesely, the album's co-producer, who pushed the two lead men of Blue Rodeo to sing together more — the way they did back in the beginning. “We made a very concerted effort to sing together on this album, either with direct harmonies or call and response, and we really enjoyed that,” said Cuddy.

The results are sure to please fans, with the album featuring soon-to-be-classic Blue Rodeo songs like "1000 Arms," "Jimmy Fall Down" and "Superstar."

To kick off the release of Blue Rodeo's 14th studio album, the band invited a small group of its devoted fans to the CBC Music Studio for a First Play Live session. Check out the performances from that session below.