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Listen to Marvin's Room Nov.18, from Marvin Gaye to Drake

Amanda Parris

Marvin's Room is a weekly show that explores the world of R&B, airs on CBC Radio 2 every Friday at 7:00 p.m. as well as 3:00 p.m on SiriusXM.

Listen to Marvin's Room, November 18th 2016

Marvin's Room with Amanda Parris on CBC, explores the world of R&B


If you’re joining us for the first time, here is a little introduction to Marvin’s Room.

Marvin Gaye, the late great soul singer built a recording studio he named Marvin’s Room. It was a sacred space where he would go to create, record and even throw a few parties. Decades later Canada’s own Drake went to the legendary studio hoping to tap into some of Marvin’s magic. He recorded some of his biggest hits in those hallowed halls and named one of those songs Marvin’s Room as a salute, and that’s exactly what this show is. A salute to both the melodies of yesterday and the beats and rhythms of today.

Mercy Mercy Me

This year Canada has been setting terrifying records as the temperature heats up. Global warming remains a topic of debate but as the evidence mounts, more and more are paying attention. Celebrities such as Leonardo Dicaprio, Mark Ruffalo and Don Cheadle have all added their voices to the call for climate change. Long before this became a hot topic of Hollywood, R&B soul singer Marvin Gaye wrote a beautiful song about humanity’s impact on the environment. "Mercy, Mercy Me" is featured on Marvin’s classic album What’s Going On. The entire record was a tremendous shift for Marvin as he turned away from the topic of love and focused instead on social issues of the day. In an interview with Sounds, Marvin said: “I would love to become an impeccable warrior, one who has no need for earthly things such as the wine, the women, the clothes and the diamonds and the fine things to wear. I’d love to develop a distaste for those things and become only interested in knowledge and power that this earth will give us, if we’re only willing to put in the time and effort.” Here is Marvin Gaye with “Mercy, Mercy, Me”

Take Care

Drake's relationship with Rihanna, has been more on and off than a light switch over the last few years, but one thing is for sure, they make beautiful music together. This is Canada’s own 6ix God Drake featuring Rihanna with, “Take Care”

Do it Right! 

Canadian R& B artist Zaki Ibrahim is an incredible live performer. She gave the audience at this year's CBC music fesitval an unforgetable show. Zaki and her band played a groove heavy set, and she and her background singers kept the energy high with choreographed dance moves for every song. Clad in purple, blue and white interstellar galactic printed tights, the three women harmonized beautifully and added some great call and response at other times. Here's Zaki with, "Do The Thing Right"

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