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Austra, Repartee, L Con: Radio 3's top 30 songs for the week of November 14, 2016

Editorial Staff

If you go by the number of new names on our chart this week, it seems like Canadian indie bands have been waiting until almost the end of the year to unleash their music on to the world. The slew of new artists hitting our chart for the first time includes The Cosmic Range with “Love II,” Lowlands, with “Run," and Golden Cinema with “Lost At The Movies.”

As well, Austra is back with a new album titled Future Politics, and the first single, "Utopia," is the highest debut on our top 30 this week. Watch the video for the song below, featuring bandleader Katie Stelmanis living in a stark and not-so-distant future: 

Up at the top, newcomer L Con makes it all the way to number one with her song "Form of Space," which is quite a feat considering it's the first song of hers we've ever added into rotation.


Take a look at the full list of our top 30 Canadian indie songs this week:

30. Like A Motorcycle, “Hands”  
29. The Cosmic Range, “Love II”  
28. Elephant Stone, “Manipulator”  
27. New Swears, “Brand New Spot”  
26. Lowlands, “Run”  
25. Kestrels, “No Alternative”  
24. Golden Cinema, “Lost At The Movies”  
23. Lanikai, “Motor Inn”  
22. Austra, “Utopia” *highest debut*  
21. The Luyas, “Says You”  
20. July Talk, “Picturing Love”  
19. John K Samson, “Postdoc Blues”  
18. Crystal Castles, “Sadist”  
17. Twist, “Pavement”  
16. Jesse Mac Cormack, “Repeat”  
15. Kaytranada, “Weight Off”  
14. Lowell, “West Coast Forever” 
13. Repartee, “Miracle” 
12. The Matinee, “Dancing On Your Grave”  
11. Brasstronaut, “Raveshadow”  
10. Tasseomancy, “Do Easy”  
9. Diamond Mind, “Horseless Coach”  
8. We Are Wolves, “I Don’t Mind”  
7. Junior Boys, “Kiss Me All Night”  
6. Preoccupations, “Degraded”  
5. Monomyth, “Puppet Creek”  
4. Tanya Tagaq, “Centre (feat. Shad)” 
3. Duotang, “Karma Needs To Come Around” 
2. Groenland, “Healing Suns” 
1. L Con, “Form Of Space”