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Covered Classics: Fast Romantics reclaim Alice Cooper's 'Hello Hooray'

Ron Skinner

In 1973, Alice Cooper took a relatively obscure Canadian song about personal reinvention and changed the lyrics, recorded it with producer Bob Ezrin and turned it into a career-transforming anthem that celebrates the special dynamic between a star and his fans.

"Hello Hooray" quickly became Cooper's concert opener, and was a perfect introduction to fans — it told them that what they were about to see was much more than a rock concert. Instead, it was a theatrical event filled with bombast. "Hello Hooray" would be a song heard around the world, and would be identified with Alice Cooper like none other in his repertoire.

More than 40 years later, Toronto's Fast Romantics reclaim "Hello Hooray" and bring it back to Canada in their faithful yet updated Covered Classics version of the song.

Watch their amazing performance of a Canadian classic, below.