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Listen to Marvin's Room Nov. 25, from Sharon Jones to Maxwell

Amanda Parris

Marvin's Room is a weekly show that explores the world of R&B, airs on CBC Radio 2 every Friday at 7:00 p.m. as well as 3:00 p.m on SiriusXM.

Listen to Marvin's Room, November 25th 2016

Marvin's Room with Amanda Parris on CBC, explores the world of R&B


I'm Still Here

The music world has lost another bright shining light with the untimely death of soul singer Sharon Jones. Her story is one that challenges the mainstream wisdom that fame and glory belong to the young. After a career as a correctional officer, a wedding singer, and being told by the music industry that she was too black, too fat, too short and too old, Sharon Jones proved the doubters wrong by releasing her debut album at age 40. For the next 20 years she toured the world with the Dap-Kings, won awards and created incredible soul music. After battling cancer since 2013 Sharon had a stroke while watching the U.S election results come in. Two weeks later she passed away age 60 surrounded by her friends, family and her band who she also considered family. Members of the Dap-Kings and the Dapettes stayed by her bedside until the end, singing Sharon’s favourite Gospel songs with her as she struggled to join in, desperate to make music with her friends until the bitter end. Here in Marvin's Room we’re going to celebrate the journey of Sharon Jones. Here's Sharon’s life story presented in a four minute defiant soul song. This is the last tune Sharon and the Dap Kings ever released. This is Miss Sharon Jones with “I’m Still Here.”

Lake By The Ocean

Imagine. A dark stage with hundreds in the stands waiting expectantly. You can hear the deep intakes of breath and the squeals of excitement. You can feel the anticipation in the air. Then without warning a falsetto rings out. Women begin screaming, someone faints, an obscure piece of fabric goes flying through the air that is later confirmed to be someone’s underwear. This is the scene of your average Maxwell concert. The effect he has on women, and some men, by simply changing the tone in his voice is unparalleled. Check out the latest track from Maxwell “Lake by the Ocean.”


This is one of those songs that you just know is a big one, after a single listen. I’m proud to say that she’s from the north! Check out new Canadian artist Jessie Reyez with “Figures.” (Song contains strong language)

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