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The ultimate holiday survival toolkit: a playlist

Reuben Maan

Sometimes music is the only thing that can help you get through the stress of the holidays. Whether you're stuck inside for too much family time, freaking out about the imminent arrival of your January credit card bill, laying on the couch tripping is tryptophan or braving the malls trying to find the ever elusive perfect gifts, CBC Music has the soundtrack for you.

Check out the playlists we've created, below, to help you survive the holidays.

Nature of Crisis: whole family trapped indoors due to weather
Threat level: high to extreme
Playlist diagnosis: Help Me I'm Trapped Inside With My Kids

Toolkit medicinal ingredients: Yes the weather outside is frightful. And the climate inside sure as heck is not delightful when you're trapped inside with your kids. Why do they yell when they talk? You're. Standing. Right. There. What you need, what they need - what we all need - to survive these joyous days, is some music. Not a dance party mix. Not a meditation mix. Just something to keep everything positive and take the edge off what could be a long long day. You're welcome.

- Ben Aylsworth (@benaylsworth)

Nature of crisis: you've got a raging holiday hangover and are hanging on by a thread
Threat Kevel: high
Playlist diagnosis: Hangover Helper

Toolkit medicinal ingredients: You were feeling warm and fuzzy as the spiced rum and egg nog were flowing. And now, the rude awakening the next morning. Perhaps you need to clean up from the night before, or get ready for a holiday brunch. Another party looms. The last thing you need is a hangover. But no matter, you've got a raging headache and need to collect yourself to continue your holiday social marathon. This playlist will ease you back into the land of the living and hasten your recovery so you're in fighting form for the next jam. Take with many tall glasses of water.

- Jacquie Lee (@leejacquie)

Nature of crisis: endless shopping in huge malls
Threat level: high
Playlist diagnosis: Music to Shop By

Toolkit medicinal ingredients: Your legs feel like lead weights. You have hours more shopping to do. This playlist will lighten your load and help keep the muzak at bay. You'll feel good and make better buying decisions!

- Jon Siddall (@CBCJonSiddall)

Nature of crisis: a debt load well into four figures
Threat level: contagious and spreading
Playlist diagnosis: Holiday Credit Card Meltdown

Toolkit Medicinal Ingredients: Sometimes you need a distraction from the pain of the overheated plastic in your pocket. When all the ka-chings come home to roost on your credit card statement, call up this playlist to take your thoughts to a happier place.

- Michael Juk (CBCMichaelJuk)

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