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Radio 3's featured new artist: Jenn Bojm & Khingfisher

Louise Burns

CBC Radio 3’s featured new artist this week is Jenn Bojm and Khingfisher. Bojm and Khingfisher (Craig Alan Mechler), are two songwriters from Vancouver who together make mellow and elegant folk music. While they have been performing together for a few years, 2016 marks the release of their debut album Symphony Club, a collection of de-constructed covers by the likes of Emmylou Harris, Bob Dylan and Richard Farina.

Bojm, who is associated with Vancouver’s burgeoning jazz and experimental scene, released her last solo record Coconut Bay in 2015. She has also appeared on records by Colin Cowan and the Elastic Stars and Malcolm Biddle (Sun Wizard, Capitol 6, Malcolm Jack). Her warm and ethereal voice blends perfectly with Mechler, who released an excellent folk record of his own back in 2014.

Symphony Club is a record that taps into what one might imagine to be a baseline nature pace, so it all just relaxes into itself.” explains Bojm. “It was something of a treasure hunt, digging up songs written by other artists and distilling them through slow tempos and excavated melodies. The process spurred us on to write a series of original compositions which we will be recording this winter."

Nostalgia is a powerful tool, and while this album is made up entirely of covers, they wrap up each composition with their own identity. Tasteful harmonies, spacious arrangements and smart song choices make for a promising start to one of Vancouver’s brightest folk talents.

Stream the album below.