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CBC Radio 3's featured new artist: the Velveteins

Louise Burns

This week, Radio 3’s featured new artist is The Velveteins, a psychedelic pop trio who are making waves with their breezy, hook-laden style of songwriting.

Hailing from Edmonton, Alberta, they released an EP, A Hot Second With The Velveteins earlier this year, chock-filled with melodic hooks and surf garage production. Now, they give us “Don’t Yah Feel Better”, the first look at their forthcoming debut, out in 2017, that draws on influence from the west and the east.

“The music for ‘Don’t Yah Feel Better?’ just sort of popped into my head one night as I walked through the door.” drummer Addison Hiller explains. “I had been listening to a lot of traditional Indian music and i think that’s where the guitar melody came from. After the music had appeared so easily I decided to write the lyrics about how everything you need is there, you just have to stop and listen for it.”

The band reigned in their laissez-faire approach to music by working with Vancouver-island based producer Colin Stewart (Black Mountain, Ladyhawk, Dan Mangan), and if their first single is any indication, we can expect an album filled with earworm-worthy melodies and psychedelic grooves that stick to your bones. It's going to be a long winter. Warm up with The Velveteins.

Listen to "Don't Yah Feel Better?" below