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Canadian Music Class Challenge short list 2016

Editorial Staff

CBC Music, in association with MusiCounts, has challenged music classes across Canada to learn a great Canadian song. From elementary to high school, this year’s entries include everything from jazz bands, kazoo classes, guitar clubs, symphonies, choirs and so much more.

This year’s entries have been amazing, and the results for the short list are in: announcing the top schools from each category for the Canadian Music Class Challenge 2016. Check the list below to see who made it.

The winning school from each category will be rewarded with a high-tech classroom recording kit, as well as a commemorative plaque. Winners will be announced online at as well as on CBC Radio 2 Morning, and q with Tom Power on December 16.

Category 6: High School Vocal/Choral (a cappella or with band)

  • Collingwood Collegiate Institute, Collingwood, Ont.: “Soul Run”
  • Windsor Secondary School Senior Chamber Choir, North Vancouver, B.C.: “Ahead by a Century”
  • Columbia International Collegiate, Hamilton, Ont.: “Bobcaygeon”
  • Kings College School, Caledon, Ont.: “Machine”
  • Bev Facey High School, Sherwood Park, Alta.: “Rolling Stone”
  • College Français de Montréal, Montreal, Que.: “Stitches”
  • Leahurst College, Kingston, Ont.: “Machine”
  • Mayfield Secondary School, Caledon, Ont.: “Stitches”
  • Sir William Mulock Secondary School, Newmarket, Ont.: “Machine”
  • Holy Heart of Mary High School, St. John's, N.L.: "Ain't Gonna Bother" and "Rolling Stone"

Category 5: High School Instrumental

  • Jarvis Collegiate Institute, Toronto, Ont.: “Stitches”
  • The Sacred Heart School of Montreal, Montreal, Que.: “Stitches
  • Milton District High School, Milton, Ont.: “2 Heads”
  • Senior Singing Strings Orchestra, Mt. Stewart, P.E.I.: "2 Heads" and "Ahead by a Century"
  • New Westminster Secondary School's Liquid Time Jazz Band, New Westminster, B.C.: “Ahead by a Century”
  • St. Francis Junior High + Catholic Central High School, Lethbridge, Alta.: “Ahead by a Century”
  • J.H. Bruns Senior Concert Band, Winnipeg, Man.: "Soul Run" and "2 Heads"
  • Royal St. Georges College, Toronto, Ont.: "Ahead by a Century"
  • Aurora Fiddle Society, Yellowknife, N.W.T.: "Ahead by a Century"
  • Ursuline College Chatham plUCC Guitar Ensemble, Chatham, Ont.: "Soul Run"

Category 4: Junior High School Vocal/Choral (a cappella or with band)

  • Our Lady of Perpetual Help Elementary School, Vancouver, B.C.: "The Hockey Song"
  • Bayview Hill Elementary School, Richmond Hill, Ont.: "Stitches"
  • Bicentennial School, Dartmouth, N.S.: "2 Heads"
  • Earl Grey Senior Public School, Toronto, Ont.: "Ahead by a Century"
  • Mountain Park Public School, Calgary, Alta.: "Ahead by a Century"
  • École Leduc Junior High School, Leduc, Alta.: "Ain't Gonna Bother"
  • Glen Brae Middle School, Hamilton, Ont.: "Machine"
  • West End Cultural Centre's Tune In After School Music Program, Winnipeg, Man.: "Bobcaygeon"
  • Rickson Ridge Public School, Guelph, Ont.: "Here for a Good Time"
  • École MacTavish Junior High School Grade 7 & 9 Glee, Fort McMurray, Alta.: "Machine"

Category 3: Junior High School Instrumental

  • Dr. Annie B. Jamieson Elementary, Vancouver, B.C.: "Stitches"
  • Namao School Junior High Concert Band, Sturgeon County, Alta.: "Ahead by a Century"
  • Guelph Community Christian School, Guelph, Ont.: "Machine" and "Ahead by a Century"
  • Regent Park Public School Grade 7 & 8, Orillia, Ont.: "Stitches"
  • Hartman Public School, Aurora, Ont.: "Ahead by a Century"
  • Music With Linda, Edmonton, Alta.: "Wish You Well"

Category 2: Elementary School with Vocal/Choral (a cappella or with band)

  • Captain John Palliser Elementary School, Calgary, A.B.: "Here for a Good Time"
  • École College Park School Grade 5, Saskatoon, Sask.: "The Hockey Song"
  • Gabrielle-Roy, Toronto, Ont.: "Fil de Soie"
  • Sir RIchard McBride Elementary School Division 4/5, Vancouver, B.C.: "Machine"
  • École Montessori de Montréal, Montreal, Que.: "Machine"
  • Hornby Island Community School, Hornby Island, B.C.: "Here for a Good Time"
  • Honore Mercier Elementary, Saint-Léonard, Que.: "2 Heads"
  • Maupeltuewey Kina'matno'kuom (Membertou School), Membertou, N.S.: "Ain't Gonna Bother"
  • South Nelson Elementary, South Nelson, B.C.: "2 Heads"
  • Alexander's Public School, Burlington, Ont.: "Adia"

Category 1: Elementary School Instrumental

  • Cougar Canyon Elementary, Delta, B.C.: "Ahead by a Century"
  • Campus View Elementary, Victoria, B.C.: "Stitches"
  • North Agincourt Junior Public School, Scarborough, Ont.: "Stitches"
  • Sir Samuel B. Steele Public School Terrific Thirty Ones 4/5, Toronto, Ont.: "Here for a Good Time"
  • Sir Samuel B. Steele Public School Fort Macleods 4/5, Toronto, Ont.: "Ahead by a Century"
  • Millen Woods Public School Jr. Hips Grade 6, Waterloo, Ont.: "Ahead by a Century"
  • Victory School Grade 5 Recorder Ensemble, Winnipeg, Man.: "Stitches"
  • Roland Michener School, Calgary, Alta.: "Stitches"
  • Kinistino School, Kinistino, Sask.: "2 Heads"
  • Cresthaven Public School, Toronto, Ont.: "T'es Pas Une Autre"