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How a Tribe Called Red built a nation in 2016

Editorial Staff

"A Tribe Called Red is a whole lot more than simply an EDM collective," writes author Joseph Boyden. "They’re cultural warriors and artists and statesmen."

We would add nation builders to that list, as the three DJs — Ian “DJ NDN” Campeau, Tim “2oolman” Hill and Bear Witness — were able to inextricably link a message of unity across divides to their music in a way that strengthened each goal, underlining the importance and undeniable potency of their work.

"They are a source of pride for Indigenous peoples across Turtle Island," Boyden writes, "and they've introduced countless others to our beauty and energy and resilience."

In our new feature, Making Noise, we look at the cultural significance of the group's third album We Are A Halluci Nation, and how it fostered a larger, very necessary conversation.

Read the CBC Music Making Noise feature on A Tribe Called Red here.

A GIF of 10 artists on CBC Music's Making Noise list.

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