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Tanya Tagaq is the revolutionary we needed in 2016

Editorial Staff

This year, Tanya Tagaq’s voice rose defiantly, singularly, to unleash and demand Retribution, an album and a damnation aimed at rape — of women, of land, of Indigenous peoples. Based on her 2016 work, we named her the revolutionary of 2016 — asking everyone to have a conversation on feminism in the context of Indigenous rights.

“It’s not hard to recognize that something very special is happening in our scene right now with artists like A Tribe Called Red, Joseph Boyden, Gord Downie and others making monumental contributions at what feels like a crucial moment,” says Shad, who collaborated with Tagaq on “Centre” earlier this year. “Tanya is right there at the forefront.”

Read more about Tagaq’s influence on 2016, and nine other artists who shaped our conversations around music this year, via our special feature Making Noise.

A GIF of 10 artists on CBC Music's Making Noise list.

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