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Elephant Stone, Philippe Brach, Kaytranada: Radio 3's top 30 songs for the week of December 12, 2016

Editorial Staff

After a short hiatus from the chart, Elephant Stone is back with "Andromeda." Just a few short months ago, they went all the way to the top with "Manipulator," the first single off their latest album Ship of Fools. Lead singer Rishi Dhir is also the featured interview on our podcast this month, talking about writing lyrics that are both spiritual and political and giving us the lowdown on his stint plaing sitar on stage with Beck.

Elsewhere on the chart, Philippe Brach debuted 3 weeks ago and, although he is a well-known entity in his home province of Quebec, he is a brand-new artist to us. We've loving his glitchy art-pop track “Chaudron Du Chimpanze,” which climbs to #22 on this week. Check it out below.

Up at the top, Kaytranada takes over with "Weight Off," from his Polaris Prize-winning album 99.9%. The Montreal-based producer has had a huge year and you can read more about him in CBC Music's Making Noise feature, which profiles 10 Canadian artists who have shaped the conversations we had around music this year.

Here is the full list of our top 30 Canadian indie songs:

30. Golden Cinema, “Lost At The Movies”
29. Elephant Stone, “Andromeda”
28. Cygnets, “I’m Sorry (So Sorry)”
27. Lowell, “West Coast Forever”
26. The Pack A.D., “Teenage Crime”
25. The Luyas, “Says You”
24. Les Dales Hawerchuk, “Desastre”
23. Duchess Says, “Inertia” *highest debut*
22. Philippe Brach, “Chaudron Du Chimpanze”
21. Eons, “Go It Alone”
20. Preoccupations, “Degraded”
19. Louise Burns, “Storms”
18. Tuns, “Mixed Messages”
17. Twist, “Pavement”
16. The Seams, “Seeds”
15. Mother Mother, “The Drugs”
14. Hannah Georgas, “Evelyn”
13. July Talk, “Picturing Love”
12. Hidden Cameras, “The Great Reward”
11. Chocolat, “Ah Ouin”
10. Lowlands, “Run”
9. The Matinee, “Dancing On Your Grave”
8. Lanikai, “Motor Inn”
7. Japandroids, “Near To The Wild Heart Of Life”
6. Tasseomancy, “Do Easy”
5. Sam Roberts Band, “Ritual Dance”
4. Diana, “Confession”
3. Austra, “Utopia”
2. Crystal Castles, “Sadist”
1. Kaytranada, “Weight Off”