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Sam Roberts on his go-to guitar pick

Jacquie Lee

Sam Roberts Band came through CBC Music for a First Play Live of their latest LP, TerraForm. We grabbed Roberts before the show to ask him about his go-to guitar pick for the second instalment of Show Me Your Pick.

It was only when Roberts started touring aggressively that he developed a real preference for a pick. His go-to pick is the Jim Dunlop 1.0 millimetre standard nylon pick. He particularly appreciates the ridges on the pick, ensuring he maintains a good grip on it, so he doesn't lose it as he sweats or plays through other distractions onstage. "My bandmate Dave Nugent has this habit, he likes to make a beer spray fountain and I inevitably get beer all over my hands," Roberts told us.

He used to use a lighter 0.88 millimetre gauge pick and switched to a 1.0 millimetre pick — watch the video above to find out why.

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