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Radio 2 Top 20 Dec 29: A Special Edition Counting Down CBC Music's Top 25 Canadian Debut Albums

Nana aba Duncan


An #R220 special edition with Nana aba Duncan

Counting down CBC Music's Top 25 Canadian debut albums.


This week, it's a Radio 2 Top 20 special edition!

CBC Music has released its list of the 25 top Canadian debut albums. It was a group effort, with each album getting its defence from CBC Music editorial staff and producers at Radio 2 and q on CBC Radio 1. On the Radio 2 Top 20 this week, host Nana aba Duncan counts down the albums, choosing one song from each. Here is the list.

25. Artist: Glenn Gould
Debut album: Goldberg Variations (1956)
Song: "Aria mit 30 Veränderungen"

24. Artist: Buffy Sainte-Marie
Debut album: It’s My Way! (1964)
Song: "Universal Soldier"

23. Artist: Leonard Cohen
Debut album: Songs of Leonard Cohen (1967)
Song: "So Long, Marianne"

22. Artist: The Band
Debut album: Music from Big Pink (1968)
Song: "The Weight"

21. Artist: Mary Margaret O'Hara
Debut album: Miss America(1988)
"Body's In Trouble"

20. Artist: Maestro Fresh Wes
Debut album: Symphony in Effect (1989)
Song: "Let Your Backbone Slide"

19. Artist: The Tragically Hip
Debut album: Up to Here (1989)
Song: "New Orleans Is Sinking"

18. Artist: Daniel Lanois
Debut album: Acadie (1989)
Song: "Under A Stormy Sky"

17. Artist: Dream Warriors
Debut album: And Now the Legacy Begins (1991)
Song: "Wash Your Face In My Sink"

16. Artist: Michie Mee
Debut album: Jamaican Funk–Canadian Style (1991)
Song: "Jamaican Funk–Canadian Style"

15. Artist: Barenaked Ladies
Debut album: Gordon (1992)(1989)
Song: "If I Had $1 000 000"

14. Artist: Eric’s Trip
Debut album: Love Tara (1993)
Song: "Behind The Garage"

13. Artist: Lhasa de Sela
Debut album: La Llorona (1997)
Song: "De Cara A La Pared"

12. Artist: Rufus Wainwright
Debut album: Rufus Wainwright (1998)
Song: "Beauty Mark"

11. Artist: The New Pornographers
Debut album: Mass Romantic (2000)
Song: "Mass Romantic"

10. Artist: Avril Lavigne
Debut album: Let Go (2002)(1989)
Song: "I'm With You"

9. Artist: Kathleen Edwards
Debut album: Failer (2003)
Song: "Six O'Clock News"

8. Artist: Metric
Debut album: Old World Underground, Where Are You Now? (2003)
Song: "Combat Baby"

7. Artist: Arcade Fire
Debut album: Funeral (2004)
Song: "Wake Up"

6. Artist: Death From Above 1979
Debut album: You’re a Woman, I’m a Machine (2004)
Song: "Blood On Our Hands"

5. Artist: Wolf Parade
Debut album: Apologies to the Queen Mary (2005)
Song: "Shine A Light"

4. Artist: Coeur de pirate
Debut album: Coeur de pirate (2008)
Song: "Printemps"

3. Artist: The Weeknd
Debut album: House of Balloons (2011)
Song: "What You Need"

2. Artist: A Tribe Called Red
Debut album: A Tribe Called Red (2012)
Song: "Electric Pow Wow Drum"

1. Artist: Kaytranada
Debut album: 99.9% (2016)
Song: "You're The One"