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Radio 3's featured new artist: Vesuvio Solo

Louise Burns

This week, Radio 3’s featured new artist is Vesuvio Solo, a four piece band from Montreal making music both nostalgic and refreshing with their brand of '80s-influenced art rock.

The band is lead by Thom Gillies (Exit Someone, ex-TOPS) and Cameron MacLean, two songwriters with a penchant for dark grooves and hypnotic melodies. Earlier this year they released their sophomore album Don’t Leave Me In The Dark, a glistening collection of songs that transcend your typical '80s throwback album by giving a nod to sophisti-pop legends like The Blue Nile and Prefab Sprout.

“Discovering the songwriting genius of Paddy McAloon (Prefab Sprout) about four or five years ago [inspired me] heavily,” says Gillies.

McAloon's influence can be heard directly on tracks like "Night Drive" or "Flakes" with rhythmic melodies that dance around silky smooth, sax-heavy production, compliments of Patrick Gregoire (Pat Jordache) at Hotel2Tango, an all-analogue studio in Montreal.

“The album for me feels like a winter record, and reflects our coming together to record live off the floor in the warmth of the Hotel2Tango recording studio.” says Maclean. “The record contains both the solemnity and melancholy of that cold winter as well as the joy and excitement of doing those sessions in such an inspiring studio.”

It could be easy to dismiss an act with a sound so deeply entrenched in nostalgia, but by anchoring their music with emotional grooves and well-crafted melodies, Vesuvio Solo prove they possess more polish than pastiche. As we inch toward the year’s bleakest month, consider Don’t Leave Me In The Dark a beacon of light. A bright record for darker times.

Don't Leave Me In The Dark is available now on Banko Gotiti.